Card already in system error when signing up?

I was about to sign up to a L1 1-year plan with promocode “SAVEMONEY”, but I put in the incorrect security code (thought it was on the front), got a credit card declined error, corrected the security code, but now I’m getting a “CARD ALREADY IN SYSTEM. YOU MUST USE A NEW CARD” error.

I’ve sent in a support email, just waiting for the reply.

And no, I’ve never signed up with Dreamhost before. I am a new customer.

Yeah, that’s unfortunate. Others have reported similar situations. It seems that once the card number is captured, from your first “declined” submission, it will take some action at Dreamhost to straighten it out. Since you have already submitted a support ticket, there isn’t much more you can do about using that card until they get back to you :frowning: .

I suppose, as an alternative, if you have a different card you could use that to complete the process if time is of the essence.


I’m not too much troubled by time (though I would have rathered it to be done today), but with the fact that I do not know whether or not my card has been charged in the process.

I looked in and happened to login with the account I signed up with (even though due to the credit card error I never finished it?) and I found my card under the billing overview, removed it, and tried the sign up process again, but am still getting that error.

Unforunately, what you are describing sounds similar to what others have experienced. You could always check with your card provider to make sure it wasn’t charged, but I think the “declined” status is a pretty good indication that it wasn’t.

To charge that original card now would take a “human” at Dreamhost to manually re-submit the charge with the (now) corrected code. At least you were able to get an “account” set up so you can reach support (even if it isn’t “funded” yet).

It is my understanding, from other posts in this forum, that you will continue to get that error until someone at Dreamhost intervenes. You might try waiting a while (at least an hour or so - parts of the Dreamhost panel updates systems with processes that run periodically) and then either try the sign-up process again or, since you already have an “account”, try adding that card via the Billing section of the control panel. If you are able to add the card to the control panel, you could probably create the hosting plan from within the panel.

I have no idea if that will work, but I can’t see that it could hurt, as you are just waiting for a response from Dreamhost anyway…if it doesn’t work, nothing is lost as you will still need to communicate with support to get it resolved.

Of course, these are just suggestions and YMMV - my sense of it from watching other posts about the “card is already in our system” situations is that it may take support to sort it.


Well, thanks for the help. I’ll wait for a reply from my support email and see what happens from there. :slight_smile:

"If you are able to add the card to the control panel, you could probably create the hosting plan from within the panel."
I believe I can add the card through the control panel, but the problem is that I want to take advantage of the SAVEMONEY promo code :stuck_out_tongue: (and that requires a card that has never been used at Dreamhost before, and Dh now thinks I have used it…)

Ah well, I’ll see what happens.

Hmmm… I recognise that promo-code :slight_smile:

This seems to be a common occurrence, as we see quite a few forums posts with the same issue.

I guess the checks are in place to prevent people from abusing the promo-code system and signing up to multiple accounts under the one credit-card.

There isn’t really much you can do from your end. The credit-card has to be removed from the system by DreamHost. As you have already lodged a support request detailing the issue, I don’t think you can do any more, other than wait for a reply.

Good luck and thanks for using the promo-code :slight_smile:


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Ah! That makes waiting for support to sort it the best thing do; the Promo code can save you a lot of money! Good luck!


Heh, yeah, I saw that code on your signature when I was looking around the forums the other day to see if it really is a good host.

As to it being a common occurrence, I actually posted here because I couldn’t find anything similar to my problem (or at least, I didn’t look hard enough).

I’ll check my emails tomorrow to see if I get a reply. One thing, though: I didn’t provide my credit card details in the support email, but it did show up under my account’s Support History, so I’m guessing they know what card I’m talking about anyway, right?

Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:
Looking forward to being a customer :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine DreamHost can use your other account details to track down the errant credit-card. If not, they will no doubt ask for more details.

Welcome to DreamHost, well almost :slight_smile: .

I am sure you will like it around here.


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