Capture top Process With VPS Stability Robot

Okay, so I understand why we have the VPS stability robot, however the information it gives is pretty useless and the quip about being called fat is getting old fast, as my VPS is experiencing some kind of memory usage spikes that are triggering reboots, even though I feel my memory limit is reasonable.

Thing is, I don’t see a convenient means of figuring out what is causing these spikes, as there is no further information. We really need a log file for the VPS stability robot, and the e-mail should include clear instructions on where to find it. In fact, ideally it would be included in the VPS Manage Resources screen, with reboots being shown on the graph and clickable in order to easily view a report on the reboot (if it was by the stability robot) so that we can actually see the results from top at the moment before the VPS was rebooted.

So far all I’ve been able to do is setup a script to query top every so often, and when I get a reboot I can look to see what was running before it happened, however thus far the results have been of no use as cron won’t run faster than once a minute, and I don’t really want to run any more frequently anyway.

Granted I know Dreamhost would rather that I just increase my memory limit, but it’s already pretty generous given the amount of memory I typically use, so the spikes are clearly an issue of some kind, but I can’t figure out what’s actually causing them.

So yeah, please have the stability robot generate some kind of report before rebooting, and give us an easy way to view these so we can figure out what our next steps should actually be, as simply bumping the limits up may not be a real solution. If this information is already available, then please make it easy to get at.

+1 for this

+1 from me as well.