Captcha to add new domain sucks

What gives with requiring a captcha code to add a new domain?

These things are not only a pain in the a**, but they are commonly
near impossible to read even after refreshing a number of times…

Are there any future plans to maybe remove captcha requirements
for accounts that have been around for a number of years, or have no
patterns of abuse or anything like that??

Or maybe ditch captcha entirely and ask a simple math question or
one of those “what color is an orange?” type user verification…?

It is interesting because, theoretically, we’ve already authenticated ourselves as legitimate users by logging in. I’m not sure what spam they are trying to prevent.

If it helps, you can get through reCaptcha more quickly by only typing the more deformed word. It’s the one that usually has more distortion and a black blob behind it. You can get one letter wrong as well, so don’t sweat it.

Knowing that you can get away with just entering the last word and get a letter wrong helps alot…
I did not know that.