Captcha Issue

When you goto my captcha doesn’t show up.

When you go here

It works fine. I’m guessing it’s something with my index.php page or my css coding. Appreciate any help.

I got the Captcha from


The image URL is returning a Not Found error indicating you need to fix the URL or move the captcha script.

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Yeah, but if you read my previous post the file hasn’t move. I’m pulling the captcha script into my page so either the programming in index.php or my css file or both is causing a conflict. The script loads fine where it is. Just getting it to load into my page.


OK here is the long winded version.

Your script URL:

Your HTML source:

The browser knows the web page comes from the index.php file in the “/” directory.

Because you neglect to specify that the securimage.php file is in a different directory, the browser assumes it is in the same directory as index.php, and thus tries to get the image from - which returns a Not Found error.

So fix the URL used in index.php - sorry if I thought you would know I meant the one used in the HTML source generated by your PHP script.

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I feel really stupid now. I was checking everything else but the 2 url’s place inside the document. Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me.


I would typically make the assumption that this has been resolved but I noticed that I am not seeing the captcha image in any of the previously posted links, including pages you indicated to be working for you.

There are a couple ways that you could remedy this, but the easiest is probably to simply put a leading slash in front of the reference to your image (php) file. Right now you’re using relative pathing so when you go to this url: “”, the image doesn’t show up because the img tag is looking for it as:

This is telling the page to actually try and find the file at “” which is invalid. If you were instead simply to change the tag to: it would look at “” which is valid.