Capitalize input text in formmail

Hi there!
It´s been ages that I´m trying to auto Capitalize the typers´ names of my formmails (provided by DH). Sometimes people, when filling the formmail, do not capitalize their own names and the personalized announcement subscription goes exactlly as they typed; i.g.: if “John Peter” had subscribed an announcement list as “john peter”, my announcements get to him just like “john peter”. But I want him to receive a friendly announcement, as “John Peter”, i.e., his name capitalized.

I found a way to capitalize using CSS styles in Dremweaver, but it only works for “seeing” while someone is typing in the formmail, however, I keep receiving the results of formmail exactly as they type.

Is there any way to capitalize names in formmail and receive it´s results capitalized?

Thaks guys! :slight_smile:

The PHP function “ucwords()” will uppercase the first letter of each word in a variable. I’m not sure how Formmail works so I can’t help you beyond that, but if you know your way around PHP, you might be able to put that in somewhere.

Hey, thanks very much for your reply! :smiley:

Actually I really don´t know nothing about PHP. I´m trying to make my pages in simple html at all, as I always made, but in this case I think it´s time for me to upgrade my knowledge about web designing…

Thanks again!