Capistrano, SVN & Apache problems

  1. Apache (nothing gets served!)

In ~\logs :

[Fri Aug 25 21:45:12 2006] [error] [client]
(104)Connection reset by peer: FastCGI: comm with server
"/home/saizai1/" aborted: read failed
[Fri Aug 25 21:45:12 2006] [error] [client] FastCGI:
incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server

I’ve tried everything listed in Shebangs set
correctly, chmod set, frao added, fcgi enabled, not using print…

What does work:

QUERY_STRING= ./dispatch.fcgi

^^ gets the proper index page (not the placeholder index.html) just fine


^^ gets the error 500 page

^^ gets the error 500 page after a long timeout. Should get the proper
index page gotten from the request_method version above.

  1. SVN:

I’m suddenly getting “connection terminated unexpectedly” errors when using svn ssh:// - even though it was working fine last night (and I got it all imported & checked out). works.

The username/pass for the svn subdomain and general SSH are the same.

This is even true running off an SSH:
[homer]$ cap deploy
loading configuration /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/capistrano-1.1.0/lib/capistrano/recipes/standard.rb
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb

  • executing task deploy
    ** transaction: start
  • executing task update_code
  • querying latest revision…
    ssh: home: Name or service not known
    svn: Connection closed unexpectedly

the server’s version of deploy.rb currently has:
set :repository, “svn ssh://home/saizai1/svn/PrayerMatch/trunk”

mine has:
set :repository, “
#set :repository, “svn ssh://”
#set :repository, “svn ssh://”
#set :repository, “svn ssh://”

^^^ none of which work :frowning:

  1. Capistrano

Not sure if it’s just the SVN problem, but I’ve been getting a bunch of EOF errors, permission denied errors, etc when trying to run the deploy task. :frowning:

rake show_deploy_tasks doesn’t work either. (“Don’t know how to build…”

  1. SVN config newb question

I have local and server versions of dispatch.cgi/fcgi/rb, .htaccess, database.yml, and environment.rb.

I’ve set those all to be ignored by SVN (using Tortoise), and created *.online and *.offline versions of each that are versioned.

However, when I deploy (the one time it sorta ran but got bad permissions on the restart task), using export per the FAQ… how do I get it to rename all the *.online ones to just *? It doesn’t keep the same directory (unlike my local version), so I can’t just add an unversioned copy and expect it to be there after I deploy again.

Any suggestions on how to fix these issues?

Thanks a lot for the help!