Capistrano on Dreamhost


I just tried to get my Rails app online using the information on

but when I am at this step:

svn add config/deploy.rb lib/tasks/capistrano.rake

I get the error:

subversion/libsvn_wc/lock.c:377: (apr_err=155007)
svn: ‘config’ is not a working copy

Any ideas what’s wrong?

This seems to be a SVN problem, nothing to do with capistrano.

Here are the steps you must follow in order to put something under svn :

  1. create a temp copy of your project
  2. [if rails app] svn_conf your project
  3. make a first import
  4. go to your working projects repository
  5. check out the project

So now you have 2 copies of your project, the first one you used to make the import and the second you obtained from the svn server after check out. You can nom delete the first and work with the other, the “working copy”.

Resources :

svn_conf …
svn …
read at least the introduction chapter of THE svn book :

Good luck … that’s the easy part of the work