Capistrano issue


capistrano is driving me crazy !!!

i use the following recipe :

set :user, "myUserName"
set :password, “myPwd”

set :application, "hellodeploy"
set :repository, “

role :web, ""
role :app, ""
role :db, “”, :primary => true

set :deploy_to, "/home/#{user}/"
set :use_sudo, false
set :checkout, “export”

the setup action performed correctly
so i confindently launched the deploy (rake deploy)

i got a permission denied on the call of reaper.
it appears that none of the files you could expect to be executable are effectively correctly chmoded, they all are rw-r–r-- : reaper and co, dispatch.fcgi and co either !

By the way, when i wrote the db role, i had to use the same server than web and app. But actually it is a different one : Using this one caused the setup action to fail. WHY ?

Could anyone explain a clear, clean way of putting capistrano on the rails ? (Easy, i admit but it’s friday, may i be forgiven :wink: ) That is : servers names, and so on.



Leave the database server the same as the web, don’t ask me why, but it works.

To get the files executable, you need to set the svn:executable property on all the files that need it. Change this on your dev box, and the commit the script files again.

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