Capability to Configure and MAKE on Shared Plans?

OK - stupid Q here:

If I am on a shared Linux server is there some way to modify installs (i.e. ./configure, MAKE, MAKE INSTALL) so that they work?

I’m assuming that because I’m on a shared server that Dreamhost doesn’t want me updating files in /USR and /BIN, etc. but can I tuck them in my /HOME/username dir and still have the programs work?

Thank you for your help - still somewhat new to Linux.

In short, the answer to your question is “yes”; you can compile your own programs.
A really good answer to your question would contain some admonitions about pathing and security and such, but those are more difficult to define without knowing what it is you’re planning to do.

Thank you for the reply (and points duly noted about potential Security concerns along with the usual Best Practice - although I’m sure this varies depending on the individual - around where to place things on a Linux file system).

At any rate - I was attempting to install Citadel BBS software ( and the MAKE was failing due to trying to place things in the \USR directory.

Thanks again.

./configure and other build/install makefiles usually accept a base directory for the final install. For example, something like:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/install

should work, assuming you create install in your home directory first.