Can't view website on dreamhosters, either

I suppose my DNS hasn’t propagated yet, but even when I go to, I can’t see it. And if I try to add it as a mirror from my control panel, it says it’s already been registered.

So… how can I view my site?

Same, but I actually see that coming soon. I added the subdomain an hour and half ago and still nothing.

The fun is that through a proxy I can see the basic domain name working but I cannot access it.

Anyway, my temp mirror should be:

Oh wait. Maybe it needs the .net ? ?

EDIT2- Now it’s alive

Okay yeah I got that to work, thanks. :slight_smile:

But honestly, I’ve never had a domain take this long to show up for my computer… I still can’t see anything at here, but I could see it at school YESTERDAY MORNING. This is starting to make me mad.