Can't view index.html, Can't View Home Directory

So a client of mine just purchased some web space from DreamHost with a new domain about a 6 hours ago.

He has given me ftp login and pass to access the site.

I can ftp into the site through the domain with the given login and pass.

Once inside, I have put a test index.html inside the root area but it does not show.

I researched online and it seems as though I should see a directory with my domain name listed in the home directory?

But all I see is


Going to the page shows
Do I have to wait longer for dream host to generate the folder or does something need to be done through the admin panel (of which I do not have access to)

Check he has set the domain to ‘Fully Hosted’ on the domain part of the admin panel.

I’ve made an inquiry.

I also made sure to ask if he has me as a user under Users, Files and Paths and what domain he has set for the file web directory.

These seem crucial and vital to the operation of the site.

likely you have the wrong user.

When the domain is added on the manage domains page in the panel, it must be associated with a user. A noob mistake is that then the guy that bought the hosting says well I’lll make another user to ship off to nonlin, after all we get unlimited and everyone should have there own… well it doesn’t work that way. Only one user can manage a domains files.

When you log into THAT user, you will be at /home/USER/ and that user will have a system created folder named exactly the same as the domain name, we will use EXAMPLE.COM, put your index.html inside that folder.

Therefore /home/USER/EXAMPLE.COM/index.html will display at

My clue that you have the WRONG user is that you didn’t show the system created EXAMPLE.COM directory in your directory structure. It could also be that the customer just created a user, and never added the domain to manage domains.

See also:

Thanks this makes a lot of sense. I’ll try and relay this information for him. I’ll tell him to follow the steps in the part “Changing the website user…” I’ll report back.