Can't view files once I upload them to subdomain account


OK, so I’m trying to help out a friend, which means I don’t have complete access to the control panel, only to this subdomain for uploading files.

But here’s the issue.

I can connect to her site via FTP (Fetch) and upload files to the folder. But when I go to visit the subdomain, one of two things happens.

1. If you visit in a browser like firefox, it prompts a log-in (as it should) and when you type in the correct username and password the files do show up.

2. If you visit, nothing shows up. Nada.

The account was made a couple days ago, so I wouldn’t think DNS propagation would be a factor. It frankly behaves like a dedicated FTP account and not a subdomain for the public to view. Without extended access to her account (I don’t want to know her settings as she’s only a casual acquaintance) it makes it trickier to troubleshoot. Any ideas on what she may have gotten wrong? Thanks!


It looks like your missing a directory. When you log via FTP you are placed in the users home directory, which apache does not serve files from. In the home directory, you should find a directory named the same as the subdomain… in this case You should change into that directory and put the index.html there.