Can't upload theme from zip

Previously I installed WordPress on my DreamHost account with a one-click install – the advanced version, not the easy install – so I have access to the files.

I would like to install a theme that I just purchased. I tried installing it through the admin panel, but I get the error notice that the installation has failed. I’m not sure how I should proceed.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello gbutters,

Very often, themes come with addons and bonuses, such as the Photoshop source files or other files. They may require that you unzip them locally, then upload the actual theme files via FTP rather than the entire ZIP file that you acquired.

I would unzip it, look inside it for just the theme files, then try that.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply killerdesigner,

I have looked inside and found the html files and images/videos that are associated with the theme. What I’m not sure of is where to place the files in the directory and if any files should be overwritten or removed first. Does WP place theme files in a specific place?


Yes. Upload the theme name folder, e.g., “theme” to the wp-content/themes directory in the wordpress directory on your webserver. You’ll know it’s the right one because you’ll see the default theme “twentyten” in there.