Can't upload large files. disconnects

i’m just simply trying to upload through ftp with Dreamweaver. the file is a zip about 114mb. when the upload looks like it will complete, it says that there is no connection to the server, and starts over.

i can upload small files just fine.

does anyone know why i can’t stay connected to the server long enough to upload a large file?


Have you tried using passive mode? Also, I assume you are using a “real” FTP client, as opposed to the DH provided “webftp” (php based net2ftp application).


i’m using dreamweaver as my ftp client. not the web ftp.

i’m trying passive mode now.

will return with the results. thanks for the quick reply.

No problem … often with large files, passive mode helps. Let us know how it works out, and “Good Luck”! :slight_smile:


ok. passive mode worked. thanks again for the help.

Good deal, and I’m glad you are “back in business”! :slight_smile: