Can't upload, keep getting HTTP Error

Been trying all morning, keep getting this:

I’ve tried all the suggestions in the above article, still no dice. I haven’t updated or made any changes to my site since the last update, about a week… can’t understand why there’s suddenly this problem.

Does this happen for any file type?

Yes, and also on two other Wordpress-ran sites of mine so it’s not just one.

Try making your PHP 5.3 or 5.4 instead of 5.2. It may force flush the settings.

I’m also having the HTTP error from the Wordpress uploader. Just changed php from 5.3.x FastCGI to 5.4.x FastCGI but this didn’t fix the issue.

I also tried disabling “Extra Web Security?” completely.

matteoc - Can open a ticket for this?

Normally when this pops up out of nowhere, it’s a memory or diskspace issue, so something may be up with your /tmp space if this is happening on small files.

Either the change to php 5.4.x solved the issue or it was just a diskspace issue because the problem is now fixed. Upload is working fine right now.

Just do double-check I am enabling web security again.

To follow up - It wasn’t you. ImageMagick was drunk. We made it go to rehab, and it’s okay now.