Can't upgrade to webhosting

Hi, I have a dreamhost apps account that I wish to upgrade to full hosting with dreamhost. I click on the upgrade link, put in my address, it tells me how much it will be for the year. I put in my card info and then click proceed and it takes me back to my web panel for dreamapps. I’ve used chrome, firefox, and internet explorer, with same results. I also been trying it for a week on different days with same results. I also just tried setting up a new account, (Which I really did not want to do) I went with the sign up stuff, I put in a promo code and my card info, I also put in a domain name earlier while signing up. I get to the end and it tells me I’ve signed up and my account will be set up as soon as it is approved and to see my webpanel. I can’t seem to log into it, I haven’t gotten any email from dreamhost, I don’t know if the promo code worked or not(No, pricing came out.)

What is going on? I just want to start building my website already and I don’t feel like getting another host just because I can’t upgrade my existing account or get a new one.

Update: I was charged for the domain registration.

Update: I contacted Dream Host by live chat and I got a nice person by the name of Max to help me sort the problem. It took no time at all and now I am up and running within minutes. This place has one of the best customer support so far. It was an error on my end, I had a typo.