Can't update wordpress or themes

I’m pretty much lost in the set up process of wordpress and dreamhost. I am about to cancel my account unless I can get someone to help me through the logistics. I seem to have been able to set up a fully hosted domain and can access it through web login(domain name/wp-admin) in a borwser. I cannot seem to update the theme I chose(while in the dashboard area), nor can I update wordpress, nor can I seem to login to the correct location with ftp to be able to see the files and edit, backup, etc???
Some of the posts on this forum mention one click set up vs full control. Could this be my problem? How do I know which I chose? How do I change it? I apparently set up 3 databases but am not sure how they come into play?
I have emailed to dreamhost help twice with no response. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

It sounds like it’s the Easy Install, but you can find out for sure in the panel for One-Click installs.

If your site was done in Advanced Mode, it will show up in the “Upgrade or remove previously installed software - Advanced mode” section (click to open this section up)

I don’t have any Easy Installs, but I think you’ll see a “Modify/Delete previously installed software - Easy mode” if this is how your site was set up.

Another clue would be in the Manage Domains section.

If the domain or subdomain where your site shows up as Fully Hosted, then it’s an Advanced Mode setup. In that listing you’ll see User: who has FTP access to the site. Click WebFTP if you want to see if your files are there and use that user’s password when you get to the WebFTP screen.

Databases show up in MySQL databases:

There won’t be much there to tell you explicitly what site it’s tied to, but hopefully the little quoted comment below the database name will give you a hint.

Thanks for your reply. I had set up databases but I had used the easy install. I ended up finding live chat where I was counseled to remove or delete the install and re-install in advance mode. I can now ftp into the directory and update both themes and wordpress. I have even since managed to make a backup(just so I know I can do it). Thanks again for your reply.