Can't update my site; possibly an SFTP error on my part?

Used to be, when I wanted to update my site (, I’d just log on with Transmit, edit .index for any given page, and the site would update.

Now, years later, when I try this, I can log into FTP and edit the .index, but the changes don’t appear on the site.

Possible issue: Last year I asked DH to make my site ‘secure’. They responded by creating a new SFTP user for me. But when I use Transmit to log in under that user, I get a different directory than when i log as my FTP user. The FTP user sees all my domains in separate folders. The SFTP user doesn’t see any of them; it has a bunch of stuff that looks to me like ‘starter materials’ for a new site…? (ie, bin, boot, dev…)

Any idea what’s going?


I would guess that your SFTP connection for some reason has you logging into the root level of the filesystem tree, that is, /. You should be able to navigate down to /home/your-username/your-site-folder. I imagine you could also configure your client to cd you into the user’s home directory upon connection and save you the trouble. A lot of clients (standard SSH comes to mind) do this by default.

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