Can't transfer files

Signed up today. Got a “NZA Fatal Error! The developer says: Error Creating Domain: Unable to find home for DomainService of type http” error. But then got a bunch of emails from Dreamhost that everything has been set up.

Tried to FTP into my account and while I can login, I can’t upload any files. I always get a “Error 550 - Permission Denied” from my client (WS_FTP). I also can’t add any users in the “Users:Manage Users:Add Users” control panel. If I try to add a user, I always get a “Please
correct the error below.” error with no indication of where the error is.

Anyone ever run into this before on a new account setup?


So far no replies from my two support tickets.

How long does it usually take for them to respond?

This isn’t a good beginning for a new account.