Can't "Test Account"

I’m having hit and miss (mostly miss) luck with getting the new Test Accounts feature to work in the Support menu. It used to work, but now when I click on “Test My Account,” it just kicks me back to some other part of the control panel. I’ve tried with Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, and Opera. All give me the same lack of success.

How’s it working for other Mac and non-Mac users?


I just tried the Account tests tool, it kicks me back to the main overview page that you see when you first login to the control panel. You do know that this test is actually queued up for running at a later time? The results are not shown immediately, the last time I ran the test it took around an hour for the results to show.

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When it’s worked for me, it returns me to the same page with a green box at the top telling me that it’s queued and may take 5-10 minutes. So I’ve gotten it to work occasionally, but inconsistently.