Can't submit problem

The primary administrator for our mailing list is ill and i’m trying to get Comcast spam blocking problem resolved. The Catch 22 is that I can’t login to report the bounce errors. The panel login window says I’m probably not allowing cookies or scripts. However, I don’t see that to be the case, after looking at both settings.

What other option to contact the abuse team do I have?

You could try calling your ISP’s technical support number or use a proxy service perhaps. Have you tried clearing the cache and ensuring that cookies and scripts are enabled on your browser?

Which browser are you using? You could try another - i.e. if you’re using I.E. you can download and use Firefox (Much better in my mind) or if you’re using Safari, try Firefox… - City Streets

I recommend the above advice about cache and Firefox. You can also contact DH through this form

If you do use the form, be sure and include info about your DH account so the tech can locate it.

–Matttail - personal website