Can't Signup From Coffee Shop VPN

Some less than clever person at DreamHost has decided that people cannot register through their website if they are logging in from a VPN.

Now i live in an new fancy condo complex and they don’t yet offer a decent and cost-effective fast internet access. So i have to go downstairs to the coffee shop on the first floor of the highrise.

DreamHost will not allow VPN connection. So I have to register without secure protection from a VPN.

But I don’t want to connect to the DreamHost website without secure VPN connection to register and get a hosting service.

When I email their email bounces. When I email - it bounces. Is this DreamHost a joke or what?

Why are they so stupid??? can’t they understand that customers’ circumstances are not all identical.

I gave them my phone number so they can call me.

Nothing. Not a freakin beap from them.

I am so far NOT AT ALL impressed with them.

I will see how this goes.

Then I will post my experience to my 309,000+ followers to let them know - AVOID DreamHost like a rash. But first, I will give them a chance to redeem themselves.


We experience a significant amount of fraud associated with public VPN services. As a result, we do not permit signups from these VPNs.

Our signup web site ( is already secured by SSL. As such, you do not need a VPN to access it securely. Please disable your VPN to sign up.


Thanks for replying.

Please acknowledge that you do UNDERSTAND that no everybody on this planet is FRAUD. Otherwise you don’t have any customers and go out of business.

I offered my phone number for someone at DreamHost to call me back. No one has as of yet.

If DreamHost does not understand my circumstances, then - the HELL with them and their stupid company. If they understand my situation, they I applaud them for not having their head inside their butt hole.

I am not a FRAUDULENT person. If they want to treat me like one, then I will get angry and give them a nasty opinion since I don’t appreciate being disrespected.

Do your work for DreamHost and represent them?

Is your comment as a representative of DreamHost?

That’s all I need to know?


Yes, I am a DreamHost employee.

I’m not sure if you’re misreading my previous reply, or if you’re deliberately misinterpreting it, but let me be clear: I’m not calling you fraudulent; I’m saying that using a VPN to sign up for our service is not permitted because it’s frequently associated with fraud. As a result, it’s not something we permit. You will need to disable your VPN to sign up for our service.

Waiting for you for the last 40 minutes to reply to me post - I found at least 200+ companies, rated much higher and better than DreamHost, and substantially lower price, better specification, better servers, and much friendlier to customers’ circumstances.

I have been a programmer for 30+ yrs and a webmaster for 19 years - I have come across all kinds of hosting companies.

In my opinion, you are one of the worst ones (no the absolute worst) but certainly one of the worst ones in understand customers.

I promise you (based on my experience) your company will not win business or customers and word of mouth will DESTROY you. Because you are a company that is ANAL and STUPID in protecting your customers over protecting your selfish selves.

You LOST my business.


I, for one, am glad for the steps that DreamHost takes to protect both me and themselves (which results in a lower cost for me), because when it comes to web security, you can’t really be too anal. (Okay, you can be anal in a stupid way, but still…)

I am learning to be amused by these “you need to change the entire way you do business or I will inform my 28 followers on Twitter how terrible you are” posts. I don’t think these folks realize how silly they sound.