Can't sign up :(

I am going to email Dreamhost about this anyways, but I thought I would post here too.

I am trying to sign up, but when I get to stage 4 (create web ID) I can’t go any further. Basically, I’ve filled in the form, leaving the top two text fields blank (I’m a new customer and don’t have a web ID or password yet) but I keep on getting “PLEASE FIX THE ERROR BELOW”, without any clue as to what the error actually is.

I can’t fill in Web ID and Password because I don’t have them yet, and there are no more text fields to fill in. Maybe a script somewhere is b0rked…

I already had an id and pass when I signed up, so wasn’t in the same boat, but was just wondering if maybe you’re supposed to enter your desired id and pass. Or does it specifically say otherwise?

I had thought of that and tried it but still no dice. :frowning:

Basically the form looks like this:

I already have a web ID:
Web ID text field
Password Text field
Login Button

I am a new customer:
blah blah

So logically, if you already have an ID and pass, you fill in the top two fields and click the login button, otherwise you leave them blank, fill in the rest of the page and click the continue button at the bottom of the page.

I’m sure that’s how it’s supposed to work, but maybe something is broken.


it definitely sounds like something is broken!

Could you maybe send in through the sales contact form that you’re having this problem, and include absolutely everything you’re entering in the Web ID step?

We’ll get it fixed right away. It sounds like the main problem is our template doesn’t have any text to display for the error our code is generating with your input!

Sorry about this…


Okay, I worked it out.

It was because I was entering GB as my country code and not UK. D’oh!

Still, an error message telling me that would have been nice…

All is well now. :slight_smile:

GB actually is the proper ISO country code for the United Kingdom (even though the U.K. technically isn’t quite the same as Great Britain; Northern Ireland is part of the U.K. but not of G.B.). I heard that at some point they wanted UK to be their country code, but that was opposed by the Ukraine which also wanted it, so as a “compromise” they left those letters unassigned to anybody. (International bodies are always making weird compromises to deal with contending nationalities, like where they insist that the newly-independent country of Macedonia be referred to by the awkward name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” to avoid offending Greece, which has a province of that name too. However, they did let the former Soviet republic of Georgia be known as “Georgia” despite the U.S. state of that name.) Nevertheless, .uk was used as the domain suffix in disregard of the ISO list.

– Dan

is there a phone number at dreamhost? i am a new office manager and have tons of questions.

[quote]is there a phone number at dreamhost? i am a new office manager
and have tons of questions.


We don’t currently offer traditional phone-based sales/support, but if you contact us with your questions via the following form:

…we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.

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