Can't Sign In To My Account

When I try to login to my DreamHost web hosting account, it says “This IP is not authenticated.” So, I authorized the IP address (clicked the link, entered my e-mail, entered the code, set to 1 Month). Then, I tried to log in again… but it still gave me the same error. I waited a bit. Still the same error. So, I tried to authorize my IP address again, went through all the steps again, set to 1 Month. Tried to log in again and it still gives me the same error.

What is going on?

+1 This exact same thing is happening to me. And I cant contact support because I cant log in. Super Frustrated!!!

same to me.

you can,

i contacted them here:

CHeck the last from list.

I tried that. It takes me to the panel login screen. :frowning:

I tried chrome and firefox.
I just tried to sign in again and it seems to be working now. Not sure what the issue was.

i am in now. try now, maybe they fixed it.

Yup, I just got in.

Sorry for this issue folks. It looks like the incident has been resolved: