Can't sign in because of cookies


Ok - so lets just start with i am an idiot.

I cannot even log into my dreamhost account because it says that i need cookies to do so and to enable them. Well i never unenabled them.

Can someone please help me?



Have you tried emptying your browser cache then shut down your browser and restart your computer and try again.



browser cache? idiot remember?? lol



I got in! WooHoo! i had to act like i was opening another account and then i hit log in. I guess it liked those cookies. LOL

Thank you for your help!!! Boy, Blonde hair can really kill ya! :slight_smile:



Well well it just happened to me after updating Firefox. I knew I should have clicked the logout button. :@



I had the same problem after a recent update. Clearing the cache and deleting existing cookies seemed to resolve the issue.


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I swore a bit as well. That seems to have helped it along.