Can't set permissions to 755 - need help!

My folder “wp-content” and all its contents are set to Unix permissions 757, and I want to change them to 755. I’m using Cyberduck on a Mac. I click the permissions tab after “get info” and set it to 755, but when I click the “apply changes recursively” button, which should change them all to 755, it goes through the whole directory changing everything to 757, which most of it already was. I really need to do this to complete my Wordpress theme install. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks.

Don’t know anything about Cyberduck do you have a terminal app similar to PuTTY or SecureCRT? If you can SSH (Secure Shell) to where your files are and cd into the folder containing wp-content. You can use the following command:

chmod -R o-w wp-content

It will remove the w (write) permission from that directory and any sub-directory and the files in those directories. You really shouldn’t set the execute bit (x) on files unless you need to. If you want the directories to be 755 (rwxr-xr-x), I’m guessing you want the files to be 644 (rw-r–r--).