Can't set permissions on subdirectories/files

Hi. I need to change the permissions on a number of subdirectories. I find that I am able to change the main directory itself no problem, but not any of the subdirectories. When I attempt to set the permissions for the subdirectories, I get the following message. I am using net2ftp (the web ftp off the dreamhost panel) as my ftp client:

An error has occured

Unable to execute site command chmod 0777 / Note that the CHMOD command is only available on Unix FTP servers, not on Windows FTP servers.

Any suggestions? I should mention that I am not technically savvy.

That is because you are using a Windows FTP client as the error message indicated.

I know you can simply achieve it using unix commands. But it may be complicated for you.

Let’s try this first. Don’t chmod 0777, and try chmood 777.

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Uh … he was using net2ftp - a web application installed by DreamHost that is a web-based FTP client. In other words it runs on Linux =)

You overlooked the fact the error messages mentions Windows FTP servers.

… and it is probably due to permissions. The directory might not be owned by the same user he logged in as - he should check if they are owned by root or dhapache, for example.

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Since you mentioned that you changed “the main directory,” I’m assuming that you’re the owner of ~/ You should verify that directory is still writeable by you. It must be writeable by your unix user. You need permissions similar to 0755 (rwx r-x r-x). If it’s not, you can’t change the permissions of sub-directories.

FWIW, the is a gentle introduction to permissions.