Can't send mail thru pocket pc

Hi all,

I have just gotten a PDA running pocket pc 2002. I have set up outlook on it, but cannot send mail thru my dreamhost account. I can receive mail just fine, but when I try to send an email, I get an email from “System Administrator” with the subject “Invalid message recipients”. I am using for both the pop and smtp servers. I am able to send fine using my desktop machine. I also tried creating another email profile and used IMAP instead of POP, but the same results.

I then set up another email profile on my pocket pc using another domain I own that uses a different hosting company, and I could send just fine, so it seems the incompatibility is between my pocket pc outlook and the dreamhost smtp server. Any help with this problem would be appreciated!


Does the mail client in your PDA support SMTP authentication, and if so, do you have it enabled? If it doesn’t support SMTP auth, you will need to use your ISP’s mail server (or just use the other hosting company’s SMTP server for both accounts).

aha! that was it. i didn’t click on the smtp authorization checkbox. It works now. Thanks!