Can't send mail, but only using 947 MB / 520192 MB

When my Subversion post-commit hook tries to send an email, I get this error:

SMTP Error: Insufficient system storage

When I try to send a test email from Mutt, I get this error:

postdrop: warning: uid=2290793: No space left on device
sendmail: fatal: arthaey(2290793): Error writing message file

But when I check the panel, it says my mail account is using 947 MB of 520192 MB. My overall disk usage is only 946.9 MB of 508.0 GB. So I’m nowhere near the limits.

What’s going on?

Are you sure that the user doesn’t have a mail or disk storage limit set in the Control Panel?


Yes, I’m sure. I have only defined mailboxes for 3 users: myself, postmaster, and the sender of my Subversion commit emails.

me: 947 MB / 508 GB
postmaster: < 10 MB / 200 MB
commits: < 10 MB / 200 MB

t was the only thing that came to my mind … you might want to generate a support request over that and see what DreamHost says. :wink: