Can't send email from Pine

Hi, I’m getting a “relay access denied” message when trying to send email from Pine. I don’t get this error when using Outlook, and I’ve previously been able to send from my shell account. I haven’t made any changes that I can recall.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Valarie

DH requires SMTP authentication, which I’d guess your Pine is not configured for though your OE is.

Update: this has been fixed, but I wanted to share what I learned. The smtp-server setting should be (no idea why that wasn’t set that way or how I sent mail previously).

Support advised me that if there are problems such as this, deleting the .pinerc file and restarting pine should fix things right back up.

If you are running Pine on a DreamHost server, you should be able to use this setting in your .pinerc:


and possibly leaving it blank would work too, i.e.:


But, if you are running Pine on your local desktop system, then you need to explicitly specify the SMTP server name.

I hope this is helpful,

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If you’re on one of our machines, setting it to be blank is the best option. Also, note that SMTP auth wouldn’t be required from one of our machines.