Can't send email, DreamHost support dosen't help

I’ve been with DreamHost 12 years this December. Paid as always.

I’m setting up a new domain and it needs emails from that domain, something I’ve not done. I’ve tried 3 email programs “Thunderbird, Opera, Pegasus”. I’ve tried many ports that you all have listed.

I cannot send emails.
I can receive emails.

I sent in a support ticket for help and this is what I got.

Hum, I was able to access, send to and from
with no trouble at all.
If there’s a specific email address which isn’t able to send to Please provide the email address in question
along with the full bounce back header for review.
Sorry to hear of the trouble.
Kacy S”

I sent in the error code, you’d think they’d read it. There is no bounce back!

Worse tech support I’ve ever dealt with.

I have several domains and use email with all of them. I use Thunderbird to receive and write/send emails.

It would help if you give us here some more details like which error you get.
With thunderbird you need to be sure to have setup the correct outgoing server (SMTP) for sending on port 587. You can find the setup at the bottom of the setting on the left.

For sending be sure to have POP and mail server on port 110. Do not let Thunderbird auto select, just hit stop as soon as it starts and then select manual input for your settings.

Also make sure you have the correct user/pwd. Username is the FULL email address and the password is what you choose when you set it up in the DreamHost panel.

I’ve set it up both as pop and IMAP in different programs. And have the username right because I do “receive” mail. Yes, used those ports 587 and 110 correctly. Followed this: still to no avail.
Still can’t receive mail.
I’m sure its something small, just where is the tech support with this company?

Understand that this is not a tech support problem, but an issue with the settings you have in your email client/program you use.

I do “receive” mail
Still can’t receive mail.

The 2 above are statements from you in your last message. I suggest you take a deep breath, use the help files that come with your email client you use and if needed google.

I"m sure from the first message I posted you knew I meant “still cant send mail”, so thank you for making that your point.

As far as a deep breath, really?

I do feel it is a tech support question.

It really is not a support question, and your messages are indeed confusing. No there is no possible way from comparing your messages to figure out what you mean, in message 1 nothing worked, so how can we figure out what you meant by comparing.

If you can’t send it usually means that you have chosen authentication for SMTP or outgoing mail.