Can't seem to make site live

Ok – I know I am doing something wrong, but not sure what.

I have a fully hosted account with dreamhost.

My site is

When I go to site it says to delete the quickstart.html file, which, when I am logged into my FTP server (?) it will not let me.

Further, I am creating my site via iWeb. It is set up to publish via FTP. The program confirms that we are good to go. The web address iWeb keeps generating is:

The files I published are in a folder on my FTP server…

So, I basically do not know how to make my site go live – any help would be appreciated as this is driving me pretty insane – especially because I can only guess it is a fairly easy fix.

Thank you!

iWeb generates an index.html file that is a redirect to the DOMAINindex.html file. This is normal, and your site is live right now.

How are you logging into your FTP server?

Thank you…

The issue was with the path and I was able to resolve that …

Now I have to decide if I really like using iWeb.


I find iWeb to be a quick and dirty site publisher for multiple formats. I’ve become a huge fan of WordPress, though.

Does wordpress work well on a Mac? I’ve tried to download it, but I am not sure where or what the actual program is.

WordPress is server-based, so all work you do on it is done through its admin interfaces. Though I do use Transmit and BBEdit for modifying theme files.

I am also having a problem with quickstart page. My blog is and I am using wordpress. Any suggestions???


How did you install WordPress? The One-Click pretty much takes care of it for you. The quickstart.html file is the lowest priority when the server looks for a home page, so it should find your WordPress site first.