Can't seem to log in, can somebody please help

For some odd reason, when I go to my webmail site: and try to put in my username/password it says that it is invalid.

Recently, I’ve been receiving many InboxArchive emails says that my inbox is 199% out of 200% filled. I need to delete my emails soon and try to manage that. Does anybody have any input or suggestions as what to do?

I would greatly and very much appreciate it, if someone could help me with this matter.

Have you tried retrieving your email via a POP3 client? If you can do this, and have your client set to remove mail from the server, you can not only get your mail but free up the mailbox storage space at the same time.

Often, once this has happened, you can then successfully log-in to webmail (may have to wait till the next day for the quotas to be re-read). Once there, make sure you also check your “old-messages” folder - often they are rolled into there after a time but since you are not “subscribed” to that folder by default, it is easy to forget to deal with them.

You also may be able to access your mail for deletion purposes via the shell using pine or mutt. :wink:


An other suggestion would be to temporarily remove the mailbox limit so that address isn’t’ being restricted and then see if things start working better for you. You can turn the limit back on as soon as you get things sorted out.

–Matttail - personal website