Can't see website after uploading to server!

My dilemma: I have a registered domain name and its being hosted. I have successfully accessed my server and I’ve uploaded my site files. When I access my server 3 folders appear. I placed my site folders into the one thats named (my domain name). Im not sure if I am placing the files in the wrong place but it wont display my webpage in the browser. After I navigate to my domain through the address bar I get ‘ is almost here!’ Shouldn’t my website be readily available after uploading?

 This is my first time creating a website from scratch. I've set one up for my mother using a website builder on but for my website I want to be able to create and understand the whole process. I know HTML and CSS. I am also using Dreamweaver.

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Looks like you got things set correctly. Is one of the files uploaded named index.htm or index.html or index.php? Thats the file that will automatically be served when a user visits the domain.

It will override the quickstart.html file you are seeing now. However, go ahead and delete quickstart.html file (it should be in the directory) that will help us to troubleshoot further if needed.

Welcome to DreamHost! When I tried checking your site there was a bad httpd conf error, I went ahead and resolved that for you by re-enabling the user your domain name was being hosted on.

When you connect via FTP you will want to ensure that you are connecting with the correct user. You can verify the username by logging into your panel then clicking on Domains > Manage Domains > Find the ‘user:’ field under the ‘Web Hosting’ column.

Now, looks like your site isn’t reflecting any updates due to where you are uploading your files. You will want to upload the index.html file directly to the “/home/username/” directory. They are currently sitting in one directory lower. You can find more information regarding uploading your site here:

Thanks for the reply/ help first and foremost. I guess i had a httpd conf err. I appreciate the help!

just changed my index.html file in and my page will not show.
also. i uploaded a jpg and it did not show
PS I hate pydio!

calflash, your site is showing for me, and your index.html file shows immediate changes. I put in a comment of “” just below your body tag to show you. It’s there when you view source.