Can't see stats file?


i have several subdomains, and most of them contains Wordpress.

But above the one stats site is working(…), but my main blog, gives me 404 error site.It doesn’t work and i don’t no why.

How can i reach my stats site for ? Any Ideas?

Thanks in Advance
Regards Fatih

Check out That should set you up. Good luck!


Do you see your domain name in stats list? Check DH panel --> Status --> Site statistics. If you already set up the user name and password to access the stats and face this problem, I’ll suggest you to report to DH.

Forward them the error message.

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Who will most likely point the original poster at the same wiki article that rlparker posted.

What the original poster describes is a known problem with WordPress and many other applications that use .htaccess files with rewrite rules. The solution lies in the wiki article.


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