Can't see my website!

I am fairly new to this but I have worked with ftp sites in the past so I know how that works.

I have been using Dreamhost since August and used wordpress to create a website. That all worked fine.

I have now started working with Dreamweaver and just created a few pages for a new website. I have just uploaded all the files & folders I had on my hardrive to the dreamhost ftp, but when I type my domain name in the browser’s box, I can’t see my website, for some bizarre reason the browser takes me to the website of the company the domain name was registered with in the first place.


What server name did you use for FTP? The same URL you used in your browser? ( Without knowing the URL of your site, I can only guess that you either:
Need to update the WHOIS information at your registrar to use DreamHost DNS servers

Or need to clear your browser’s cache:

When I connected to the ftp site through Dreamweaver to upload my files this are the information I gave

FTP host:
host directory: is my URL address. I did not set up the address myself, I was given the address to work with.

Your domain hasn’t ben set to use the DreamHost name servers. See my DNS link above.