Can't see my site

Pinging the domain gets a reply, but it just times out in a browser. It worked earlier today.

And of course trying to open a trouble ticket in the cpanel just sits there… Nothing happens.

Is there another way to get in touch with support? I just signed up for dreamhost a day ago… I hope this isn’t the start of a trend.

You might try it again now … while my sites were “up” I was having panel problems for the last few minutes, but the panel is now working well for me.

If you share your url others could see if they can display your site (and help determine if you are having connectivity issues or the site is just not responding).

Also, if you can’t submit a support request via the panel, you can always use the form at to report your problem.

While it is not a good as using the support request system, your message will get through that way eventually.

Generally, if the Control Panel is down at all, the DH staff knows about it before you report it (they use the same panel constantly in their work).


the site is called (Don’t laugh)

and my cpanel is still messed up… I’ll try that link you gave me.

Thinking it was about plump poultry, I typed it in. Works for me, but those don’t look like chickens.

However, it looks like the WHOIS info hasn’t fully propagates, which isn’t surprising considering it was just registered yesterday.