Cant' see default dir list

setup a new site on DH - done
setup a new ftp user - done
created subdir / using cuteftp - done
created subdir / using cuteftp - done
upload files using cuteftp to / - done

setup A Fully Hosted Domain. points to WebDirectory: /home/cybertoolzz/ - done

go here using IE
nothing is listed - only 'Index of …'
by default the subdir /videos should be displayed in that html page - correct?

go here using IE
404 Not Found The requested URL /videos was not found on this server.

also go here using IE
The requested URL /videos/09_1_b.jpg was not found on this server.

i tried .htaccess using Options -Indexes and Indexes
tried re-map subdir /videos
tried chmod 777, 755, 644, etc on both the /videos subdir and every file within the /videos subdir

what am i missing - it’s been awhile since i did this sorta stuff but i can’t be that far off here. i merely want to see the Default Directory Listing of / when i go to

i dont why this is so difficult - other web hosts like tripod and angelfire have file manager web shells - putting files up and accessing the correct url from a web browser is dirt easy.
here at DH it seems so much more confusing - it’s the same process but i keep missing something crucial.

i noticed that i made a new user ‘cannon’ - i did this because i read on this forum that was necessry to allow use of ftp app (cuteftp) - i simply could not connect to my DH webspace using cuteftp with my WebID name cybertoolzz…

now i see in Users panel the 2 users i created - i just noticed that the user ‘cybertoolzz’ has 12kb of storage used - whereas the new user i created ‘cannon’ has 44mb of data!

now im like wtf? this user cannon has a dir ‘/home/cannon’ - are my videos there? when i use cuteftp i connect to ‘’ and i see the dirs including ‘’ dir/folder and ‘/’ dir/folder - i dont see anything called ‘/cannon’

do i name my web dir ‘/home/cannon’?
where are my videos stored?
what is my web dir’s name?
why does user ‘cannon’ have 44mb but i cant see that using cuteftp?

getting even more confused…

I connect and I see a folder called my domain name all my things are in that.
Submit a trouble ticket.

setup a new site on DH - done
This means what? You purchased an account with a free domain name? If this is the case, during initial signup/setup you should have created a user and registered/hosted a domain that is tied to said user. I’m assuming from reading your 2 posts that the original user you set up was “cybertoolz”? Assuming yet again that that is the case, you should now have a user account on a web server (/home/cybertoolz/) and the domain should be in that user’s directory when you login via FTP as that user (host:, user: cybertoolz, password: whatever): /home/cybertoolz/

That’s a lot of assuming on my part but your posts confused me to no end so I’m just kinda saying how things should normally be done. I do see web serving going on at Now I guess you just need to know where your web serving directory is, go to the web panel Domains > Manage, find the domain in question where you’ll see service types listed, on the “Web” line go over to the right of the screen and click on “edit”. You should now be at the page where you can find out what user space that web is being served from. Most likely the first option on that page is selected “A Fully Hosted Domain” and just under that you will see the web directory listed, the user being in the drop down menu.

Hopefully that helps you out. You may have gotten in before things were all set up and went crazy with the remapping and stuff, wouldn’t be suprised to know that you’ve got a royal mess on your hands.

Good luck!


setup a new site means exactly what you wrote

yes - it’s confusing - im confused - we’re all confused

perhaps what has caused the confusion on my part is that i really didn’t give enough time for things to get set up. i created the new acct and i DID have the web services as you describe. what started me down a path different than that which i am used to in creating these services, is that i initially could not login to my webspace using cuteftp with the user/password that i setup the acct with. tho i tried for many minutes, when i tried to connect to from cuteftp i got the window asking for username/password - supplying the only acct info i had for DH at that time - i could NOT login using cuteftp.

searching the forums and not finding a solution that directly related to this issue (i expected this issue would have been posted about a zillion times) - i found a post that suggested the requirement of creating a second, additional user for accessing my web space specifically thru ftp.

now, i realized that this did NOT make any sense - i SHOULD have been able to login using cuteftp w/ the original acct user/passwd info with which i set up the service from DH.

however, after i added the 2nd ‘ftp user’ - i was able to login to using this 2nd user’s acct info without a hitch and directly after i set up this 2nd user. of course, at this time i’m starting to get somewhat confused - why did the 2nd acct let me in IMMEDATELY and yet i still could not get in using the orig acct??

okay so i’m logged as in ‘canon’ using cuteftp - now at this point i see only 2 dirs for - ‘logs’ and ‘Maildir’ in the right panel of cuteftp - and i move a few pics over - okay now i see the couple of jpgs i put there - fine - and im thinking okay now i should see these files when i open in my browser - nada - only Index of…

okay so now im wondering where i need to put hese files so they will show up as default directory listing when i browse to

back to the forum - again i expected to see this question answered a 1000 times already - but i cant see anything in the forums directly related to getting the list of files to show up in the default directory listing. i DO see lots of ppl asking how to restrict this list from displaying by using .htaccess and i try using .htaccess w/ Options +Indexes – again nada.

so i’m sure i messed it up at this point but i try some other stuff (i DID remove the .htaccess file) - tried chmod settings on the files i u/l’ed - nope

back in the forums - im trying to understand exactly where i should place my files so that they show up - again i simply cant find a good direct answer to this simple question but i find something about making another additional folder(dir) that should contain the stuff one wants to show from a brower - the posts suggested this dir be called / and that one put the files in this new dir.

again - this made no sense to me - i have never had to make a ‘directory’ called / for any other web site i set up - but i try it neway - of course, nada.

so i try another approach - using ftp i create a new dir/folder callled /videos and move the files on to that new dir - then i use Web panel and set my web directory to / but all i get in the browser is Index of…

back at the Web panel i notice that the ‘logs’ dir shows as ‘/home/cybertoolzz/logs/’ - now i have my web directory as /home/cybertoolzz/’ - again this description of exactly WHERE the web directory IS just dosen’t look right and looking at the location for the ‘logs’ dir - THAT looks backwards - like why is the at the end?

so i am pretty confused at this point - still unable to view the list of files as a ‘Default Directory Listing’ no matter what i try.

so now i try to login to with cuteftp and this time i try the orig acct info i used to set up the DH service (the acct that would not let in using cuteftp before) and NOW it works.

so i have a big fat mess and i need someone from DH to look at this, thx

One thing that may have been overlooked, is the information you received when signing up your account. My control panel is the username and password I chose when signing up. Dreamweaver sent me an email that stated ftp was up, that username was the same, but the password was different. So, there are two different passwords. Which later I realized why they do this. When you add a new domain to your service, you get yet another ftp username and password, but you still use your original cpanel user name and password to log into the control panel.

Yes, seems confusing, but after you get used to it, it makes quite a bit of sense.

As for not seeing, could be that mail and logs had gotten set up, but perhaps you still needed to wait for the site to finish setting up. When you log in using whatever ftp program you are using, I think you should see a logs folder, a mail folder, and a folder. You would then open the folder, and your files should go in there. I don’t think you did anything terrible. You just need to remove the files that are not in your cybertoolzz root folder that you ftp’d.

The first was probably tied up in initial setup but with your webpanel ID ready to go, this enabled you to create another user that would be live almost immediately (panel usually tells you to wait 1-2 hours for the new user to begin working but it’s often much less)

you’re confused with your hostname, domain name, and user space I think. your hostname and domain name will be the same ( but when you login via FTP using your hostname it will take you into your user directory (/home/user/) which is just outside your web root (/home/user/ and also contains your maildir and logs (and some shell stuff) that are there by defalt. Domain names take a while to propagate and set up initially so you may well be able to login and not see it there yet until it’s all set up. Your suer root is where you placed the jpegs initially, the user root is not viewable via the web. To view files in a browser you’ll need to place them somewhere inside your web root.

The system will set this up, along with your user automatically when you sign up, and you will receive emails from Dreamhost telling you that new user is active, that your domain is ready etc etc.

See explanations above for the default directory structure in your user space

Good idea!

You might also want to have a look at the Dreamhost Knowledgebase, there’s a ton of stuff in there and even some stuff on getting started that you’ll find useful. Dreamhost’s setup is different than most hosts, but once you get the hang of it you’d probably find it far superior as well.


I think you mean DreamHOST

This is not true, you have to setup new users yourself. When you add a new domain you will be asked what user you would like to add it to, then once setup is complete you will see a new directory “” in that user’s root along with whatever domains were in there previously.

For the sake of clarity the Dreamhost Web Panel is not “cpanel” (a common control panel software used by most Linux hosts), but a hand made control panel that fully integrates Dreamhost system stuffs.


thats the thing - i never did receive a confirmation email when i set up the 1st acct - in fact i have never rec’d an email with the passwd from DH on the orig acct WebID. i have tried more than a few times (just now in fact) to get the passwd for the initial user’s (‘cybertoolzz’) WebID sent to the email addr for the acct.

however, i can get a passwd confirmation email sent to the email of the orig user (acct email) for the 2nd user, immediately thru the Users web panel! - wtf?

now, i can login to DH using the orig acct (cybertoolzz) WebID user/passwd just fine - i can login and use all the panel controls - i just cant get an email passwd confirmation for this primary user sent to the primary acct email addr by DH

and that kinda makes sense given that i STILL cant login to with cuteftp using primary WebId acct infos.

okay - i think i got this jason -

  1. i SHOULD see a folder called ‘/’ within my user root ‘/home/cybertoolzz’ - THIS folder is my web directory - my ‘web root’;

  2. said folder will be put there by DH and NOT by me, i.e., i DO NOT create this folder - it is created for me;

  3. THIS folder is where i put the stuff i want seen from the browser;

right? great - except that i still have NOT seen this folder - i did in fact, create a folder within '/home/cybertoolzz/ called ‘’ but this folder of course, did no good as it was NOT created by DH (or whatever the main service is called) - so im stuck - waiting for this ‘magic’ folder, my web root folder, to ‘appear’ so i can put my crap there.

meantime - i do not even know the CORRECT passwd for user ‘cybertoolzz’ to login to that user’s root (’/home/cybertoolzz/’?) directory

somebody from DH has to straighten this out for me …pleeez?

correct on points 1 2 and 3! You’re a salty old dog already.

Sounds like you’re saying that cybertoolzz is the username you asked for when signing up correct? And you say tyou do not have a password to get into the “cybertoolzz” user space correct? If this is the case, you should check the email address that you used when signing up with Dreamhost, they will have mailed you at that address, 2 or or 4 mails with lots of explanatory stuff, including the username (cybertoolzz) and password you need to login as “cybertoolzz”.

I see an empty dir at so there is indeed domain propagation and a web server set up and waiting on you to find it :slight_smile:

After you find it, sounds like you have a handle on the directory structure now so you’d be able to transfer files. You may want to go into the web panel and wipe out any directory remapping you did just to begin cleanup.

If you’re trying to reach support through this board, well, don’t. The web panel has a dedicated spot for submitted support requests.

EDIT: whoops, I missed the first of your 2 posts, didn’t know you weren’t receiveing the welcome mails. How long since you signed up?! Did you use an email address If so, bad idear, if not, send a support ticket if it’s been more than 24 hours without welcome mails.


one more thing - with cuteftp i can ONLY login using the 2nd user acct info - when i do so, i see the folders put there by the system ‘logs’ and ‘Maildir’ and the files i u/l’ed and the dir i created ‘videos’ (while logged in user ‘cannon’).

but i cant tell exactly WHICH user ROOT i am looking at - is this ‘/home/cannon’ or ‘/home/cybertoolzz’ ?

i think it must be that i am looking at the user root for ‘cannon’ - i think if i COULD login as ‘cybertoolzz’ i would see the magic web root ‘/’

somebody get me a conf email of the passwd for user ‘cybertoolzz’ plz…

thx for all ur help Jason - you explained it better than the Knowledge Base and FAQ’s did - yep - of course i went into those 1st thing but didn’t get a clear sense of what it was i supposed to be seeing.

and of course i chk’d re-chk’d and triple chk’d the acct email addr (it’s it is correct and i have rec’d ems form DH - two confirming the user ‘cannon’ passwd. but i have not ever rec’d the big email u mention (i was expecting it from the get go) that is sent out after initial sign up.

thx again Jason - maybe somebody from DH will look at this and get my passwd fixed.

i think it must be that i am looking at the user root for ‘cannon’ [/quote]
If that’s the username you used to login with, you’d be correct, simple init?

Most likely

As I said above use the web panel’s support subission spot to contact support,this is a user to user support forum, DH employees do not formally take support requests through this message board.

And I feel the urge to give you some motherly advice at this time: be patient and read things carefully. I think not knowing what you were getting into (read things carefully) and lack of patience has caused the (small) spot of trouble. Time to take a chill pill and resign yourself to the fact that it may take a few days to straighten it all out. You are at least communicating your problem fairly well, if you can do that with support they should have you fixed up soon.


hehe jason - i was a systems engineer a few years back - i did all this crap in my sleep - its amazing how much one forgets tech stuff like this when it isnt used by the brain. ya - its all coming back to me slowly - like a bad dream :wink:

im sure it will get figured out - thx again

im getting this stuff too

i have upload html files using my ftp client onto my site
by logging on like so

then i saved my file as index.html on there

i go to my site and i see nothing but the index of…
parent directory.

what am i doing wrong here?

trying to get my stuff running.
first time doing this.

Have you checked to make sure the file is within your web directory and not your home directory? i.e. index.html should be placed in
All the best,

how do i place it there?
i am using smartftp and cuteftp

trying to get my stuff running.
first time doing this.

I see files!, congrats :slight_smile:


yesh jason, thx for ur help

finally got it going - the REAL issue was that i never did receive the welcome msgs (which contain the primary user acct login infos) - for some reason i could get email from DH for me for the 2nd user i added - but not for my primary user - i really cannot explain why but something in my email filters was restricting the em’s to me from DH for my primary user ONLY.

i cleaned out the filters in my hotmail and now i get the em’s from DH for the primary user. it was just so wierd getting em’s from DH for 1 user but not the other…

make SURE you receive the numerous Welcome Message emails AFTER you first setup you’re acct at DH. they will send you all sorts of em’s - these em’s will contain ALL of the info necessary to get up and running;

TIP #2
RTFM !! read ALL of the Welcome Mssages DH sends you - read them throughly;

TIP #3
WAIT AWHILE - give things time to get setup - DO NOT go into your control panel and start changing stuff right off the bat - there is a lot of activity happening on the server side AFTER you create you’re acct. it will take some time for everything to get setup - chk the Manage control panel and when you see that all items are ‘active’ - you’re good to go.