Can't See Background

I finally figured out how to upload my index page. I uploaded the background for the index page, but cannot see the background on the Internet. Do I have to do some HTML editing for images to appear?

Did you also upload the images? a link to your webiste would be helpful - to see if there’s an other problem.


Here is the URL for my index page:

I did upload the image, but it still does not appear on the index page. I could access the background image as a separate webpage though.

Check the directory against the link in your web page. See if it is not a problem of capatalization. The directory’s are case sensitive.

I’ve had a quick look at the source code of your page and noticed the link to your background image is broken. You’ll need to make sure the image file is uploaded and to the correct directory/folder.

Consider creating a folder (name it ‘images’) inside your web directory (where you have put your index file), to store all your graphics. Once the folder is created, pop the graphic file in it, using FTP. Then edit your index file to make sure it points to the background image file. Example: if your background picture is called bg.gif, and it sits inside the images folder, then the link to the background from the index file is images/bg.gif
Oh, and upload the updated index file! :slight_smile:

Edit: as mentioned by silkrooster, everything is case-sensitive; to make life easier, name the folders and files in lowercase and avoid using spaces and special characters.

All the best,

marsbar: Thanks for your reply. I tried your advice. I must be doing something wrong still. I’m using BulletProof FTP Client to upload my HTML files. In the window I see four folders: logs, images (I created as you suggested), Maildir, and (where index page is). I put the background image in the images folder. Checked my index on the Internet, and still cannot see the background image.

Here is my index page < >

You can view the two background images (jpeg and gif) that I’ve tried using at this URL < >

Click on the images folder to see either image. But how do I get the images to show up on the index page? The only way I could get the images to show up at the URL was to drop the images folder into the folder “

When you point to images, you need to specify the correct image paths. In this case, your background image actually resides at “/images/bgi02.gif”.

You might want to consider deleting the images folder in your home directory so you don’t get confused. All images for your site will go in the images folder in your folder (which you already have created).

Don’t get to frustrated. Site architecture can be a little confusing at first, but you will be very happy you understand it once your site starts getting more complex.

Sorry… one last thing.

[quote]Send comments to Webmaster
You probably want to remove one of the mailto’s… sometimes those WYSIWYG slip extra code in, so you have to keep your eyes open.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. I don’t understand how to specify the correct image path. What exactly should I do? This is all very confusing to me. Do I need to erase something in the HTML source code? Or add something to it?

I did try reading the help information provided by DreamHost, but obviously it didn’t help me. I know this is probably a simple problem to solve. I just need to know exactly what to do.

you should change the line where it says to this:

Now, I assumbed that you want the imgage that I viewed by going to as your background. If not just change the “images/bgi02.gif” to whatever would be appropiate.

Does this make sense?


G’day, vjandrews.

Ah, I see you have created the ‘images’ folder inside your home directory instead of your web directory (which is another level down). Delete the mistake first so that you won’t get confused down the track.’ is your web directory - you will need to create the images folder in there. :slight_smile:

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I am looking at the source code for my index page, and the code is already just as you suggested:

line #8. <body style=“background-image: url(imagesbg/bgi02.jpeg);“
line#9. scr=”./”>

It is line #9 that I’m now wondering about? Should this line #9 even be there in the code at all?

Hello marsbar – My images folder is inside my web directory, and the same problem still persists. I even tried deleting the background in my index page, and then reinserting the background image again, then uploading both the new index page and the background image again. Same problem, cannot see the background image on my index page.

In my home directory I see three folders: logs, Maildir, and

In my web directory I have the folder “images,” and the HTML file, “index05a.html”

no, line 9 should not be there, just make sure to include the closeing > on line 8. However my code and your code are point to different directores and files with different extensions. Both of linkes are pointing to images that are not currently on the server. The code I pasted above points to The code as you have it, with out line 9 points to

So you need to do two things:

  1. change to code to reflect one of the above examples. and
  2. Put an image there. When you log into FTP for your domain, double click on the folder. Then click on either images or imagesbg (which ever you are using) and upload your background image there.


Hi again, vjandrews.

I see mattail is also at hand to help - splendid! Together, we can sort this out in no time. :slight_smile:

I have just dropped by to see what you have done so far:
currently shows a list of files in your web directory.
shows you have one graphic file, named “bg02.jpeg” - I take that as the background image you want your index05a.html to point to.

Now, replace your existing index05a.html source code with the following:

Andrews Education & Research New Home Page

Welcome to the new Andrews Education & Research Home Page

• Blog • Computers • Education • Family History • Music • Travels •

Send comments to Webmaster

This page was created with Nvu ~ Monday, July 18, 2005

All the best,

P.S. if you want visitors to to see the content of your index05a.html file, just rename index05a.html to index.html

Hello again – I deleted line #9, then uploaded index page again. Still no background image. Then I simply deleted the index page completely, and also deleted the background image from the server. So, I started all over, and uploaded the new index page, and the new image. Still no background image.

Looking at the source code in Nvu, this is what I see:

What am I doing wrong still?

I viewed the page source for index05a.html at your domain. currently the background is set to find the image bgi02.jpeg in a folder called “imagesbg” but that doesn’t exist.

You need to change it so that it points to the images directory - like the example marsbar posted for you does.

Wehn you look at your source code in Nvu, this is what you should see:


marsbar: I tried what you suggested. Renamed my index page to “index.html.” Also, pasted the source code you sent. For some reason, Nvu will not allow the new code, but keeps automatically changing it back to "

I tried repasting your code several times, but Nvu keeps changing it back to the way it wants the code.

Andrews Education & Research New Home Page

Welcome to the new Andrews Education & Research Home Page

• Blog • Computers • Education • Family History • Music • Travels •

Send comments to Webmaster

This page was created with Nvu ~ Monday, July 18, 2005

Matttail: I changed the name of my index page as suggested from index05a to “index.” I also moved my new index page and the background image to a new folder on my harddrive, so I can keep all the new HTML files for DreamHost separate from all the old HTML files I’ve created with Visual Page. My old HTML files are all uploaded to AngelFire. I want to eventually move my web pages over from AngelFire to DreamHost.

So, now my new index page is simply “index.html,” and the background image “bgi02.”

I’ve tried deleting the index page and background image several times, and uploading the files again, but still have the same problem. Can’t see the background image.

When I delete the background image from the index file created with Nvu, and then insert the background image again, I can see the background image in the Nvu file in the Preview mode. This seems very strange that the background image is visible in the index file Preview mode in Nvu, but the background image is not show up on the Internet?