Can't see anything on site

I joined Dreamhost recently . I followed all steps for installing joomla (one click installer) , I can see the files being saved in the folder , but nothing appears on my site where I want to start .I am not sure even if Dreamhost starting hosting it or not .I am totally confused and stuck. Does anyone has a clue on this .Please help me out of this confusion . I did the site registration through GODADDY and hosting through Dreamhost , But I still see the Godaddy addvertisements there .

Sorry , These may be silly mistakes from me !!!
Site is

It doesn’t look like you have updated your dns settings at godaddy. You have to change the name servers to point to dreamhost.,, should be added. I show the name servers are currently NS69.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS70.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

Hi , Thanks a lot for quick response.
I updated the servers in GODADDY Site , But Still I see the same as before .
Can you please look at this once .[hr]
This is my current list
Nameservers: (Last Update 4/2/2011)

Now, I cant see my site at all , i get an erro message that site donot exist

Your website is showing up just fine to me now. I can see you’re using a cms called Omeka on it. Try clearing your cache. It can take up to 24hrs for changes to the name servers to fully propagate too though.