Cant see any .htaccess files

Hi you all. Why cant I see the .htaccess files in my directories? I’ve uploaded at least one to the root (user/ of my main site, I know it is working (options -indexes and now I just cant get a dir list on the empty dirs). But I cant see it. And if I want to take it out? how can I do it?
Usign CuteFTP 5.0 XP


poke around in your FTP client for a setting to ‘show hidden files’. I believe/think/have some vague notion that/ the change was mentioned in a recent newsletter?


It’s your FTP client that’s not showing you hidden system files. There’s a FAQ entry on this in the Dreamhost KB:

Hope this helps.

  • wil

jason. About the newsletter, sorry just signed up with dh 2 days ago. No newsletters until now.

wil. Thanx. I went, seen, and done it. When @home I’ll see if it works.