Can't restore to 4 months older


My brother had installed wordpress over a website, on which i used drupal, now the problem is that the whole website is ruined, i want to restore it to 4 months older date but all i see is :-

"Get the most recent backup: usually 1 hour - 1 day old.
Get a mid-range backup: usually 1 day - 2 weeks old.

Get the oldest backup: usually 2 weeks old or more."

Which isn’t going to assist.

Thanks for all help


The mysql database is whats really important for both wp and drupal. Did your brother use a new database or did he erase all of the table information that drupal had in its database? If the database is still there, it is only a matter of reuploading the drupal site files and upating the settings to point to the existing database. If he zapped the database you are probably sol. Only thing I can advise is always have your own backups of your website files and mysql databases to avoid this type of situation in the future.


Is there anyway to recover 4 months older version? Because it will be actually hard to identify the drupal or wordpress files.


probably not. it is not all that hard. simply redownload the drupal files and the wordpress files to your computer to see the directory structure. then look for the corresponding settings files on your dh account so you can see which database is being used for each of them. its not rocket science.