Can't remove directory

I accidentally mirrored a chain of directories into a directory so that I have

Now I get permission denied when I try to delete the chain (from the second, spurious, home directory onwards) or any of the directories in the chain. They’re all empty (apart from the directories themselves). I’m the owner and all permissions are set. I’ve tried ftp, Webftp, and ssh. Webftp gives more detailed error messages than shell, and says (of the totally empty bottom directory) that it may not be empty.

This started with an attempt to copy a log directory that unintentionally copied its whole path from home. I think I was using lftp mirror command, with option -p (don’t copy permissions) - at any rate I succeeded in getting ownership and read-write-execute permissions of the copy, but I can only think that some other clever feature protecting the server logs has been retained in my copy.

Anyone know what’s going on here? How to fix?