Cant register for forums?

Hey, I cant seem to register for the forums. I’ve put in 2 different usernames, and 2 different email addresses, but the passwords never get emailed! :frowning:

I was sorta hoping for some feedback as to what I can do with my site…

I have 2 domains hosted at the moment, rising to about 15 in the VERY near future. I was looking for a way to allow users to access a webpage I would tell them about, that would create a new email address for them, i.e … Is there any scripts which DH supports?

Second off - Can I customise the page page? I want to remove the Secure e-mail link, and hopefully change the theme to something which fits in with the actual sites im developing and hosting!

Cheers for now!


Creating E-mail address for your site visitors is something that came up a bit ago on these forums. Basically Dreamhost doesn’t have any built in way for you to accomplish this, but there’s no reason you can’t write one your self.

As far as goes, I don’t believe that you can.


re the forums check if you have whitelisted dreamhost in your spam filter.

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I seem to recall that when I first signed up for the forum (sometime in 2004) it inexplicably took a few days before the email with my password showed up.