Can't Receive User Emails

I just set up a trial account using a web based email - a standard web based email used by millions of people that I use for business.

I had two problems right off the bat related to getting approval info through that email.

I tried to one click in Wordpress and it said after 10 minutes I would get an email to move forward in that process.

1 hour later, its not there.

Then, while I’m waiting, I go to the security preferences and it asks if I change the IP address I’m working from if I want a verification to be provided via email.

Sure, I say…makes sense…

For some reason, even though I’m on the same computer I started this whole process with, it says my IP is not authorised and asks me to use my email provided so it can send me an auth. So, I dutifully provide said email.

I’m still waiting for the auth. 30 minutes later.

Given I can’t logon to the system (no auth), so I can’t ask tech support what the heck is going on, I’ve done two things in hope of some sort of response

Gone to the contact page and hoped I get an answer through there, but as that used my email, I’m not all that confident.

Posted this here.

For what its worth, I signed up to this forum using a yahoo account and got the confirmation prompt within 20 seconds. Hopefully there is some admin who I can email to or who can email me on my yahoo account so I can get this all sorted.

Very very strange.

Any ideas?


Right now, I have no access to my account and no way of really contacting people about this, it seems.