Cant read stats. General service quality feedback


It`s boring really. I have trial period to check this hosting and it really getting me mad.

How can i view error logs of my server? Why should i search forum for the answer? Is it some kind of perfect service? All normal hostings keep logs at a upper level and this is not a big deal. And secure, and can be readable via ftp.

Ok, i`m trying to log into via putty. Which login should i try? From panel, from stats? Neighther is working?

And by the way the support system is dumbiest indeed. It doesent help, it is not usefull at all.

It seems the only good thing is that we can cancel subscription and try find more adequate and mature service provider.

P. S. Moreover cant see httaccess via ftp. Really funny. Most user fiendly provider ever seen.


Switch your ftp to SFTP, once your logged in under that protocol you will find your logs exactly where you expect them in the logs directory. I agree, dreamhost could do a better job of explaining log access somewhere. But on the other hand, as far as ftp/SFTP goes, at this point, ftp should be abandoned for a different reason–your password is not secure at all with that protocol.

I suppose that’s what the 2 week free trials is all about. Gives you a chance to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision on whether the service meets your needs. Sure dreamhost is a little odd in someways, but they have few limits, the rules are not draconian, and just like any host you will find–they have areas where the could improve.


Do you have an idea how to make it working in CuteFtp Pro? Trying to switch but gettin an error “Can`t load sftp21.dll”


No i Haven’t used CuteFtp since about 1999, can’t help you there.

I did forget to mention in my first answer, that most all ftp programs you have to set the “show invisible files” options in the settings or preference to see any file name beginning with a . such as .htaccess That’s not a dreamhost specific thing, your going find that to be the case no matter who your host is.