Can't reach

I have not been able to reach my temporary site at (which is a mirror of the not yet active for the last hour or so. I was toying around with a freshly installed Joomla and when I clicked on the Modules link the site disappeared. Now every time I try to reach the site I get “Unable to connect”. I have another domain that is working fine. Should I be worried about this?



Works for me…

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Working for me at

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Try to delete it and install it again (with one-click install)

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Same here. works gives me the directory index with just joomla listed resolves to on my machine

Did you intend for Joomla! to work from the url ?

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Maybe try clearing your local DNS cache? is an example of how to do this…

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There is another way to clear your local cache.

Shut down and restart your router :wink:

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