Can't re-map web hosting for domain


While attempting to remove secure hosting for my domain, i managed to (incredibly stupidly) delete regular hosting for the domain. The secure hosting still exists, and the non-secure site is still accessible. The problem here is that it doesn’t show up on the panel, and i can’t make any changes to it (for obvious reasons).

When i attempt to set it up by clicking “add now” under web hosting, it responds with “Can’t add domain: already in our system.” I have already given this 4 days to go through the system, so that is not the problem.

is there anything i can do?

all of this came about because i screwed up the secure hosting setup. i needed to create a new csr to get my certificate reissued (a hacker removed my domain and dreamhost apparently removes all backups of any domain that was deleted), but did it wrong. i accidentally removed the regular webhosting instead of the secure, but am now stuck. i don’t want to remove the secure hosting until the regular hosting is fixed in case that qualifies as deleting the domain again.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think the best thing to do in this case would be to send support a message; I know I once had a domain get “stuck,” and when I sent support a message, they cleared the record just like that for me.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Sounds like a job for Support. If the real world doesn’t agree with the panel, then Support has to reconcile the two.

But I wonder…if you log into your home directory, does the non-secure site directory still show up? I know you posted this Backups dilemma in another thread, but I don’t recall if you said what’s left in your home directory. Seeing how it’s still accessible via HTTP, it makes me think the directory is still there.


just to let you know, my post here was just a copy of my post to support. they get it first, but hopefully the community will have some bright ideas before support gets back to me (sadly, they still haven’t gotten back to me after 2 days, and given that i tend to only get one response per day when they do get back to me, leaves me gearing up for a long one).

anyway, the odd thing is that even though my domain is screwed up in the panel, everything is working fine. except mail. my mail is totally screwed up. as far as i can tell, any accounts or forwards that i created before this work, and any that created after do not. this is a huge problem, because i am unable to get the address that geotrust needs to work. dreamhost’s mailserver just tells me “Recipient address rejected: User unknown.”

other than that, the site works fine. and yes, all the files that i expect to find in my home directory are there.