Can't re-create subdomain after deleting


I created a subdomain which sometimes worked and sometimes it wasn’t reachable, so I decided to delete it and then try to add it again and now I’m getting: “Can’t add domain: already in our DNS system.” Does someone know if this is just a temporary issue, and that the domain will be deleted from the DNS after a while - or will it stay this way?


This is pretty “mornal” state of events for a new sub-domain. It often “comes and goes” for a day or two after creation as DNS is updated across the internet.

It will eventually be deleted, though it will take a while (time varies). Actually, by doing it that way, you can see that it just exacerbated the “delay”; had you just left it alone it would have (shortly) stabilized itself out as DNS completed being distributed while now you have the additional wait for you to “re-add” it, and then you will be back where you were before - waiting for DNS to finish being updated across the Internet. I’m not being critical of you here (how could you know? :open_mouth: ), just pointing out your situation.

You might be able to get DH support to help you along, by purging the subdomain so you can re-add it, by sending a support request explaining what happened, but just waiting may be just a fast - YMMV. :wink:


Thanks for the fast reply. I’m still hosting some “mission critical” sites with another host and can delete and add subdomains there every 5 minutes and they work perfectly, thought it would work the same way here.

I’ll just wait and see.


No problem! The frustrating thing is that the way these subdomains have been “propagating” is not completely dependable.

Generally, my experience on DH is much the way you describe it as working at your other host: The subdomain is usually reachable via DNS within munutes, and stays that way. On occasion, however, it will “come and go” through several hours (usually less than 24 hours) before it stabilizes.

I don’t have a clue as to why this happens, and it would be nice if was more predictable.