Cant purchase

Hi everyone,

I seem to be having a very strange problem. I select the package I would like to buy, enter the domain name I want and when I enter in the promo code I have, the system times out. If I do not use a promo code it lets me process the order. Can anyone let me know why entering a promo code freezes me out?

There are currently problems with the server that looks after promo codes, from what I have read about the issue in other threads support does know about it.

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Would this be the same issue that wont allow you to get into their contact information??

Is this just a bad day, or are things always like this here?

IMO dreamhost is normally much better. As far as contacting them I’m pretty sure that is the palce to start for potential customers.


Agreed, the recent problems are definitely not the norm.

To me, it looks like the recent surge in new customers has really taken them by surprise and is stretching resources a bit. Hopefully, they will get on top of it soon and things will return to normal.


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Does anyone have any idea how long this problem with their promo codes will last?

I’m looking to get something online by this weekend.

I just checked and the issue seems to have been resolved. Lets hope it stays that way. :slight_smile:


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The code and the purchase worked.

Thank you